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Gan Aliya & BNOS Aliya Montessori Schools Upper West of Manhattan, New York

March 2021

The Challenge

In the Fall of 2020, both schools were trying to reopen but faced strict COVID-19 state mandates. They needed to make sure they met these requirements and provided a safe environment for both students and staff. The biggest challenge was making sure the staff, teachers, parents and students felt safe to return to work. On a limited budget, they needed to implement proven, science based changes to both their procedures as well as their buildings to prevent the spread of COVID-19, providing everyone with peace of mind.

The Solution

The Montessori schools worked with an industrial hygienist who helped them determine a plan for making the schools safer. Focusing on improving air quality in their schools became the most important aspect of their reopening plan. They needed to increase ventilation in both schools above and beyond what their HVAC systems could do. Portable air purifiers were the best way to accomplish this. They contacted Omni CleanAir because of the proven technology and effectiveness. After working with the Omni CleanAir team they implemented Omnitec Design machines in every classroom and common areas.

The Benefits

Omni CleanAir provided high quality, hospital grade equipment at an affordable price that was easy to install. During some of the winter months when COVID-19 cases were very high, they never saw an outbreak within their classroom pods. All confirmed COVID-19 cases were contained to single students. Outside of COVID, they saw a decrease in the spread of other viruses & illnesses. As well as providing their staff, teachers & students with added comfort and confidence to return to the classroom. The benefits of these machines will continue even after the pandemic.

“The most challenging was not so much the students and their families but much more the staff, the teachers. They were the most nervous to return to the classroom.”

“Although, we did have our cleaning staff come and disinfect a couple times a week, we were relying on our ventilation system from Omni CleanAir to keep us safe, it was the most scientifically minded precaution then and remains to be.”