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The new normal comes with new questions. Whether it’s how to use UV light effectively to kill pathogens in your workspace, or assessing the risk of airborne transmission at the office, our research presents the facts you need.  We raise awareness about top air quality issues and provide unbiased, accurate information to help business professionals make better decisions for indoor air purification solutions that work. We cut through the noise by providing honest research, independent studies, and the information you need to protect those you care about.

Engineering Controls Offer Far Greater Protection

In Reducing the Risk of Transmission Versus PPE or Administrative Controls Alone
Adapted from CDC NIOSH & AIHA Engineering Controls and

Our System Works in Virtually Any Indoor Space

The Engineering Control that’s practical, affordable and deploys in minutes.

According to the American Industrial Hygiene Association delivering at least 6 ACH reduces the risk of infection by 95% while increasing to 12 ACH reduces the risk by 99.9%. Which would you rather have? Countless consumer-grade products make impressive claims about the large rooms they can treat – often talking in terms of square feet of coverage (a two-dimensional measure). Considering we live and work in a 3-D world, that’s problematic. Read the fine print. Don’t be fooled. A system that delivers only 1 or 2 ACH offers little protection from today’s airborne pathogens. We compared the ACH performance for Omni CleanAir models in real world work environments. The data speaks for itself.


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Real Room, Real Results – 86% Reduction in 5 minutes

Rapid and Sustained Reduction of Particles in a Real Workspace

It is well established that UVC is highly effective at inactivating microorganisms by damaging their DNA and stopping replication. It’s easy to plug a few UVC bulbs in a box and roll it into a room. It’s much harder to ensure they are reliably disinfecting. SureUVC™ (Safe Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure) exposes airborne pathogens (not humans) to high-intensity UVC energy at extremely close distances. By bringing airborne viruses to the source, you can stop chasing them down. We didn’t invent UVC, but we’re improving how it’s used more effectively. To see how, read our white paper.

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